Another old button

16 May

I found this button at lunch time today at a new park I’ve been hunting lately (the park actually opened in 1900). The AT Pro picked up and it reported thus:

VDI = jumped from 39 through 42 and back

Tone = Dim, soft, repeatable, mid-tone with an occasional high tone peep.

Depth  = on pinpoint, 10+

I run the AT Pro wide open on Zero/Pro mode with sensitivity at one bar below max.

My ground balance stays at 76 always (manual ground balance varies between 83 and 86 around the city).

I was using the 8.5×11 DD coil.

When I dug the button I dug a hole seven inches deep and the Garrett pinpointer gave a very broken signal at the very bottom of the hole. I dug and cleaned out another inch or so of dirt and the pinpointer signal became very strong. The next scoop of dirt brought the button up so I am calling it eight inches. And I am not taking into account the height of the grass so the button could have been deeper still. Impressive for a mid-range detector!

***A note about me measuring depth. I have been digging holes for a year now and I know when a target falls from the side of the hole and when the target is still in the ground at the bottom of a hole. Just saying…***

Now, the question is; is this a military button or is it a civilian copy? The back is made of brass with a square shank and with no maker’s mark anywhere.

brass button and Linconl cent

A tad smaller than the Lincoln cent and much older

Thank you for looking!


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