Silver coin number 12

19 May

I met fellow forum member lawdog1 this morning for a hunt in my silver park. Lawdog1 had asked me to let him know when I got a signal worth digging so he could check it with his AT Pro. I was hunting with my AT Pro as well. Eventually, I got a signal typical of this park. It was a mixed signal with mid tones and high tones. What got my attention was the quality of the high tones and the fact that the high tones repeated from multiple angles.  After lawdog1 checked the signal we dug it up and this is what came up:

1954 U.S. dime with dirt on it


1954 U.S. dime obverse


The dime was only five inches deep or so and there is no telling why the signal was the way it was. Right before I found this dime, I had gotten a signal that bounced from 51 through 53 and back. I dug up a 1936 Buffalo nickel in great shape except for the gash I put on it. Sigh! The nickel was only about four inches deep.

1936 Buffalo nickel reverse

Fresh from the dirt

1936 Buffalo nickel obverse

In such great shape and I ruined it!

Last, as I was digging up pull tab and foil signals, I came across a bouncy signal on the high forties. No particular thing about this signal made me dig it other than it was in the high forties and repeatable. When I first saw the pendant, I thought it may be just brass or something like that. Once I cleaned it though, I think it may be gold plated.

Shell pendant

Gold plated?

The shell was about five inches deep.

All in all not a bad hunt. When I left, lawdog1 was still hunting. I wonder how he did.

Thank you for looking!


One Response to “Silver coin number 12”

  1. Lawdog1 May 21, 2012 at 10:21 am #

    It wasn’t pretty. Total was 13 pennies, none of which were wheats. I did find a couple of bullets near your wheat tree. Thanks for taking me.

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