Iron Semantics

21 May

Do you want to discriminate iron? Or do you want to identify it? There is a subtle difference here. To be sure, your detector has to identify iron before it can discriminate it.

I believe the term discriminate comes to us from the time when detectors only had one tone and had no visual identification system. Basically, the machine would beep and then you would adjust a discrimination knob until the beep stopped. This was how you could tell if the beep was iron or if it was something else.

Nowadays, with the digital displays and with the multiple tones to help us id the targets under the ground,I think it’s important to know when the detector has identified iron. Knowing if your ground is laden with iron is very useful. Also in some machines anyway, if you discriminate iron, you may miss good targets sitting next to the iron. In other words, let the machine tell you when iron is present.

I run my machines wide open and I let the detector tell me when the iron is there. It’s all about getting more information about what’s under your feet.

Does it make a difference? I think so.

Thank your for looking and Happy Hunting!


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