The Return of Big Bertha

13 Jun

Big Bertha, my White’s Spectra V3i, was on leave while I decided what to do about the terrible chattering that I experienced the last few times I used it.

Since I have two other excellent detectors, I was in no hurry to tend to the problem but last night I finally tackled it. First, I suspected that some dirt had gotten in between the coil cover and the coil. I took the cover off (a big challenge!) and indeed, there was quite a bit of detritus in there. I’ve decided to leave the coil off and hunt with the naked coil.

Second, while I was removing the coil cover, I noticed that the cable was lose at the control box! That was probably the real cause of the chattering. Oh well, the cable connection is tight now and the cover is off. I took Big Bertha for a spin at lunch time today and the process of re-acquainting myself with it has begun.

A have a few words about owning and using multiple detectors. When you are using several detectors, the mastering of them is going to take longer. I get a little confused with the VDI’s when I switch detectors. Plus, I have to remember the quirks of each one. So I may not be as effective a hunter as I would like to be. I am not worried however, I know eventually I’ll be able to switch detectors with no problem.

The one good thing about hunting with different machines is that I am learning all the things that are common to all of them. Indeed, many of the things I learn with one unit can be applied to the other ones. This includes all general issues about metal detecting. By using three different detectors from three different companies, I know what is universal to the hobby and what’s particular to each brand.

So in theory anyway, in the future, the learning curve for any new detectors will be a lot more gentle.

Thank you for looking!


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