First Real World Hunt with the XP Deus.

7 Jul

I took my XP Deus metal detector for a real world hunt this morning.

I met Patton, Redd, KansasDave, and gsmith; all from the Friendly Metal Detecting Forum at a productive site and we went to work. Right away, I began finding wheat cents (found a total of 16 for the day). The XP Deus gave me nice solid signals. At this site, nothing is deeper than six inches so all the signals I got from the Deus were nice and solid.

There is a lot for me to learn. I began with a factory installed program called Basic 1. Basic 1 runs at 12Khz and so it’s good for general metal detecting. The program comes with a low discrimination setting, meaning it was set to hunt foil on up. I changed the discrimination to hunt for silver and clad. Like many other detectors, the Deus loses depth as you increase the discrimination. Since most targets at the site were relatively shallow, this didn’t cause a problem.

At some point I opened the Deus back up and that’s how I found a fake gold ring and an old interesting brooch.

various metal objects

Deus loot

The Deus is a joy to swing. As KansasDave put it: “it’s like swinging a broom stick”. It is even more of a joy to transport around since you just simply collapse it into a very short machine.

The backphones are very well designed. Once you put them over your ears you quickly forget about them.

Once you hunt without wires and with a light powerful detector, you will settle for nothing less.

The stock nine inch coil is so accurate, I hardly used the pinpoint feature at all.

It was a successful first hunt as I even managed to find a silver coin.

I think I made the right decision.

Thank you for looking!


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