Square token – **UPDATED**

10 Jul

I found an interesting square token with my XP Deus metal detector this morning.

It is made of brass and it is exactly 2cm x 2cm (approx. 3/4 inch) or about the size of a U.S. nickel coin.  The fact that the measurements are exact in metric units makes me suspect that this is not a U.S. token (metrication is voluntary in the U.S.).

**UPDATE** I was right. This token appears to be a German transportation token. Many thanks to Stevouke for steering me in the right direction. Although I could not find an exact match, I found many other examples that matched the style of the this token and all were transportation tokens from Germany. This one could be old.****

I find it interesting that the value (?) of this token is 2 1/2.

square brass token

M.K. Hmmmmm….

brass token reverse

About two fitty

Another interesting thing is that the font on the obverse does not match the font on the reverse.

I could not find any information about it on the Web.

At the spot where I found the token, there stood a Girl Scout camp from the 1920’s to the 1980’s but the neighborhood around it dates as far back as 1900. I’ve found several Indian Head cents at the site, as well as a 1901 dog tag.

Thank you for looking!


One Response to “Square token – **UPDATED**”

  1. lawdog1 July 10, 2012 at 5:41 pm #

    Cool token, buddy!

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