Sicher’s Hotel watch fob

23 Jul

I went metal detecting at lunch with my XP Deus metal detector again.

I returned to the site where I found the trade tokens and found some interesting brass and copper trash and also a watch fob.

old metal watch fob

Sicher’s Hotel

I was using the Deus Fast program. The fob read as a zinc Lincoln cent and it was about six inches deep.

I looked up Sicher’s Hotel and found out that the hotel was built in 1872 in Sedalia, Missouri by two brothers. In 1880, they sold the hotel to a George T. Brown.  Obviously, by the time this fob was given as a compliment, the owners had changed again. By 1937 the hotel was known as the Sicher, Elks, Antlers, and Royal. I don’t know when the hotel closed but I think these days the building serves as the headquarters to a company and it is not a hotel anymore.

The fact that the fob has Sicher’s Hotel and not the multiple name mentioned above, makes me suspect the fob goes back to before 1937. The site where I found the fob dates as far back as  1880 although I doubt the fob would be in as good a condition if it were that old. Given the other things I’ve found at this site, the fob could be from the 1920’s.

metal watch fob reverse

Return to other side…?

Thank you for looking!

One Response to “Sicher’s Hotel watch fob”

  1. Deborah K Stoeckle August 20, 2018 at 8:55 pm #

    I have been doing research on Sedalia, Mo and this hotel was established around 1878 and survived for no more than 10 years.

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