My findings as of late

13 Sep

Although I haven’t been posting lately, I have been able to get out and dig a thing or two.

I have been concentrating on a particular spot at a particular park with the long term goal in mind of eventually hitting it with a P.I. machine or maybe even with a BlissTool. To that end, I have been digging up all targets and I am now left with only tiny pieces of foil, which the Deus hits hard at very impressive depths. Still, I continue to be amazed that after almost a year of hunting this spot, I still find interesting objects there.

A couple of weeks ago I was very surprised to find this Wichita Transportation Co. token at about 6 inches down.

Old Wichita trolley token

Good for one fare

About 20 yards away from this one, on a different day, I found an even earlier version of this token from when the company was called The Wichita Railroad and Light Co. Unfortunately, I misplaced that picture.

At a different park, I found yet another dateless Buffalo nickel. I don’t get tired of them though!

Buffalo nickel

I love them Buffs

And speaking of nickels, one of the things I love to do with the Deus is to turn it into a nickel machine by changing the tones and by using notching. There are countless nickels in our city parks just waiting for me to dig them up.

Jefferson nickels

This is becoming a common occurrence

And I continue my search for more gold even as my friends Patton and Steveouke are cleaning up on the silver coins.

Fall is here and I should be able to get out more often. Stay tuned!


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