My first ever St. Christopher

1 Oct

Through the year and a half I’ve been metal detecting, I have seen all the other hunters around here find St. Christopher medallions of various sizes and made of various metals but I never found one.

Well, finally, during my stay at the church camp this weekend, I got a little time to swing the XP Deus around the place. I decided to test the woods around my cabin and after finding some clad, I got what I thought was another dime signal. About five inches deep, I found my first ever St.Christopher medallion.

Saint Christopher medallion

Looks good even dirty

Saint Christopher medallion clean, front

Nice and shiny

Saint Christopher medallion, back


It wasn’t until I looked at it with a magnifying glass to verify that it was silver, that I saw the word ‘SUCK’ scratched onto the back of the medallion. Darn kids!

Scratched or not, I’ll take it. Now I hope that since I’ve broken the religious medallion drought, that more of these will be forthcoming; maybe even some made of gold!

Thank you for looking!



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