A typical hunt

19 Oct

I try to get one hunt in every day even if it is for 20 or 30 minutes. Usually, I hunt at lunch time with my XP Deus metal detector but lately, my time has been allocated to other projects. Still, I manage to get those short hunts in and I always manage to find something even if what I find is not of interest.

I went out a few days ago and hit some grass strips downtown. I managed to find some coins and some metal items from days gone by.

coins and old metal items

A typical hunt for me

Actually, I don’t often find this many quarters. I was surprised when I pulled all the quarters from a 5×5 foot area. The ring looks like a Marine’s novelty ring. It is made of brass. I wonder if it wasn’t given out at a recruiting office or fair. The bullet case is an oddity. You can tell it was fired, not dropped so you wonder what was going on downtown back in the day!

The make-up case probably hails from the late 50’s or early 60’s as it had some of the original color and luster still.

The memorials all go to my hoard of copper cents. I hoard all copper Lincolns and wait for the day when the government allows the melting of these coins. I’d say I have collected and hoarded about 100 lbs of copper Lincolns.

So this is why I don’t post everyday. I generally post only when I find something interesting or silver or gold.

Thank you for looking!


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