Another Indian from the 100 year old school

24 Oct

I returned to the 100 year old school today with my XP Deus metal detector. I was met there by Silversmith45 from the Friendly Metal Detecting Forum. Going over the same dirt where I pulled a 1920 Merc, I came across a signal that was in the pulltab range with the smallest bleep of a high tone. Since the soil at this site seems to be a bit strange, I decided to dig it. At about 5-6 inches, I found this 1907 Indian Head cent in kind of a corroded state.

1907 Indian Head cent - obverse

To me, there is no ugly Indian Head

Not bad for hunting a spot that I’ve been over twice already.

1907 Indian Head cent in situ

Fresh out of the dirt

There is a high probability that this Indian Head cent has been in the ground for 100 years. The person who dropped this coin  is probably dirt themselves by now.

I continue to be impressed with my Deus. I even found this coin without headphones as I had forgotten them at home.

I lost count of how many Indians I’ve found this year. I think maybe 10 or 12 now.

This is Indian Head cent number 9 for the year. Even though it is the most recently minted Indian, it is also about the worse condition-wise. The years of my Indians are:
1906 (x2)

All of them were found in Wichita. I wonder if I can find 10 indians for the year.

Thank you for looking!


One Response to “Another Indian from the 100 year old school”

  1. lawdog1 October 24, 2012 at 5:13 pm #

    You are killing that school! You must take me there.

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