Thanksgiving Buffalo

22 Nov

After all the food was eaten and people set out to visit with each other, I quietly slipped away, grabbed my XP Deus metal detector, and set out to explore the High School at the town where the Thanksgiving celebrations were being held. The High School was built in 1916 so, even though I know that the local metal detectorist is legendary, I had hopes he missed a coin or two.

Right away, the second coin I dug was this beautiful 1936 Buffalo nickel. The signal was strong and the depth was 5 inches.

Buffalo nickel freshly dug

Ah, I love these nickels!

1936 Buffalo nickel, obverse

This is the best preserved buff I’ve ever dug

1936 buff, reverse

There he is

After almost two hours, it was time to rejoin the family at the T-giving fiesta. I managed about 2 dollars in clad as well but no other old coins. I sure would like to spend a day detecting around this school.

One of the locals told me that near the present garbage dump at this town, there lies a forgotten park that was in vogue in the late 1800’s.  The park is now nothing more than an overgrown empty lot and that a couple of decades ago, a local hunter found gold coins there. I need to research this!

Thank you for looking!



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