One more silver coin

8 Dec

Me and my XP Deus metal detector were graciously invited by Stevouke to hunt an old horse-show farm. After waiting at home for some furniture to be delivered, I headed out to meet Steve and a couple of new detectors in the Wichita area.

The site was interesting and the company was good. At the end, I managed to eyeball a 1955 wheat cent that was laying on top of the ground and dig up a 1947 Roosevelt dime that was barely two inches deep.


The neatest finds of the day were found by one of the other hunters with his Ace 250. Two things I really want to point out here. First, the Ace 250 may be thought of as a beginner’s detector but it is nothing of the sort. I believe it to be one of the best detectors ever made, let alone at the price it sells for. Second, this hunter opted to grid the site carefully and methodically while the rest of us meandered around.

The result was that he found a super cool silver ring with a replica of a $1 gold U.S. dollar. He also found a really neat silver button with what looks like a teutonic heraldic eagle and a motto written in Latin that included the words for God and Ours.

The owner of the property was very friendly and he seemed genuinely interested in our hobby.

We ended the hunt around noon and at that point, had the obligatory ‘shop talk’. It was a really enjoyable hunt.

Thanks Steve!


2 Responses to “One more silver coin”

  1. jeff December 10, 2012 at 12:27 pm #

    Good time all around, and it is cool to be mentioned in your posting. Feel like one of the many but quality local detectorist. will ask that stevouke forward you my followup to the weekend finds. Fun research but disappointing results.

  2. S.C. December 15, 2012 at 4:20 pm #

    Very nice finds. I’ve never gone coin-hunting – every coin I own I either had passed down to me or bought from a dealer. Maybe one day.

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