End of the world silver

21 Dec

On this fine End-Of-The-World day, Steveouke invited me to detect a series of empty lots in an industrial area of town. It being a beautiful day and all I grabbed my XP Deus metal detector and headed out  to meet him.

The first find of note was a 1929 wheat in fine shape. Then I hit my first ever belt-buckle dump. The darn things kept giving really sweet quarter signals so I dug a dozen or so of them before I gave up. I was carrying them around to take a picture but eventually I got tired of them and tossed them in a pile of trash at the back of one of the lots. I then moved towards the front of the lots where Steve was hunting and dug a couple of memorials before finding this beauty at about 6-7 inches deep. It is worth noting that I first pulled a piece of metal trash out of the hole and thinking that it was the source of the signal, covered it. Before moving on, I re-scanned the hole and sure enough, I got the dime signal again.


I don’t know if this is the last silver of 2012 because I think Sunday, I am going to hunt a promising location and who knows? My first ever Seated coin could be waiting for me there.

Thank you for looking!


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