Day of the Newbie

29 Dec

Once again, Steveouke came through with a site that screamed Seated coin. Even though the temperatures were in the teens three of us decided it was a good day to hunt.

The players were Steveo, myself, and the newbie, whose name won’t be revealed mostly because I didn’t ask for his permission to use it here. The place was a piece of wind blown prairie where back in 1923 a church got hit by lightning and burned down.  Now, Steveo and I are somewhat seasoned hunters but the newbie is three weeks into the hobby. This fact is kind of important to the story.

And there we were, merrily freezing our rears off when the newbie yelled “Guys!”. We headed over to where he was digging and he proudly showed the first coin of the day, a beautiful 1888 Indian Head cent. With that find, I redoubled my efforts to find that elusive Seated coin.

Some minutes later, we heard the newbie again. He said, “I got a coin; it’s kind of shiny; it may be a cent”. I rushed over to his spot in time to see a GORGEOUS silver edge cutting through the clump of dirt he was holding in his hand. Like a bunch of preteen boys hovered around an unopened pack of baseball cards, we eagerly took turns looking at the clump, then the coin and taking guesses as to whether it was a Seated or a Barber. We could see the words One Dime on the reverse of the coin but the obverse remained obscured by dirt.

Eventually we found out it was a 1909 Barber dime in near uncirculated condition. And at the end of the hunt, the newbie had two totally cool coins and I –and Steveo had none.

Alas, that’s how these things go. I am still very happy for him.  Oh and by the way, that near-perfect Barber was the newbie’s first silver coin. Go figure. 🙂

Thank you for looking!



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