Beautiful day for a Rosie

6 Jan

This morning, me and Maurice – my XP Deus metal detector, went to one of my favorite parks to hunt. I wanted to hunt an area where I found wheats from the 20’s before. I spent a couple of hours there. Although it was cold, there was no wind and the sun, again, came out in full. There are hardly ever any people at this park and in the mornings, I am usually the only one there.

Anyway, for my two hours, I managed to pull another Rosie from 1960.



It sure warms the heart to see silver in the hole.

Additionally, I pulled five Jefferson nickels, two clad dimes, and a 1929 wheat.

This is silver coin number two for 2013. I hope I can keep this pace up for the rest of the year!

Thank you for looking.


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