Evening gold

9 Jan

The second gold of the year comes in the form of microgold. I stopped at Riverside park on my way home to release a little stress with Maurice. I was swinging along when I got a deep buzz. Usually, a deep buzz turns out to be non-iron, non-trash. Maurice said the target was somewhere in the eight to nine inch depth range so using my new shovel (he he he, I love my shovel) I dug a nine inch hole with an intact plug.

When I put the pinpointer in the hole all I got was silence. I then scanned the plug with the pinpointer and somewhere around the five inch mark I found this:


I couldn’t see any obvious corrosion at the park but then again it was getting dark and the piece was dirty. When I got home I cleaned it and looked for markings but found none. I also found no corrosion. The acid test revealed it to be 10K gold.

I am nothing but impressed with the Deus. It picked this up even though I don’t swing slow with the Deus because of the detector’s legendary recovery speed. And even though the signal was a buzz (not a grunt), the buzz was consistent and repeatable.

I also found three buttons during this hunt, one possibly very old but not in very good shape.

Thank you for looking!


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