Stop and smell the Rosies

12 Jan

I managed to hunt for an hour and a half this evening before the sun went down. I went down to Riverside park again since it is near my house.

The very first diggable signal I got I thought was a trigger for a gun but when I got home and cleaned it it looked like this:


It is a shoe! I still think this was a trigger to a gun but I cannot imagine why they would have shaped it like a shoe. If it isn’t a trigger for a gun then I have no clue as to what it may have been used for. The style of the shoe makes me think this relic is old.




The shoe is an antique lady’s pocket knife missing the blade. It was made by W. H. Morley and Sons. Thanks go to John M who identified the shoe.

Then I found some clad including a number of Jefferson nickels. Then I hit a 1939 wheat. I just love finding old coins at a “hunted out” park. I also
found a Peters shot shell of a gauge I don’t see very often –21.

Finally, I couldn’t take the cold anymore and decided to call it a day.  Still, I chose to scan the area where I found the wheat one last time and darn it if I didn’t get one of those iffy signals I’ve talked about in recent posts. I dug the target and at about 6 inches, I found another Rosie; this time a 1953


I just love finding silver at a hunted out park! Oh, and I love my XP Deus metal detector.

Thank you for looking!

2 Responses to “Stop and smell the Rosies”

  1. John M January 20, 2013 at 3:06 am #

    That’s an antique Bakelite pocket knife dating from the 1800s. Missing the blade. See for a pic of a similar one. Pity you can’t take an extended holiday in England – detectorists are turning up some amazing stuff over there!

    • yaquigrande January 20, 2013 at 10:31 am #

      John, thank you for stopping by and thank you for identifying the shoe for me!

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