Another Buff

16 Jan

At lunch time, I went to a very old park that’s has been hunted heavily since after WWII. Just for laughs I put Maurice in All Metal Mode and discovered that there isn’t an inch of ground in that park that doesn’t have some kind of metal under it.

I have been exploring my new found Deus superpowers and it has really livened up my hunts. I previously found a wheat from the 40’s at this park back when I was hunting with Big Bertha (the White’s V3i that I traded for Maurice) and nothing else. Then, I took Maurice there last year and found a heavy gold bracelet.

Today, I began to find small bits of very old brass and bits of buttons and such right away. Eventually I got the kind of signal I would have dismissed as iron before but now I know there is a good chance it is the signal given by a coin. Sure enough, at about 6 inches deep I pulled a 1928 wheat cent right next to a rusted mass of iron.

Towards the end of the hunt, I got a nickel signal not too deep and I pulled a dateless Buffalo nickel from a 4 inch deep hole.


I am supremely happy with my XP Deus. Especially now that my expertise with it has grown a little. I am sure my first Seated coin is not too far behind.

Thank you for looking!


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