Hunting the deep 98’s

17 Jan

I read in a forum that when you hunt with the XP Deus metal detector, you should dig the deep high tones that VDI at 97-98. In the past, I never dug these signals because I believed them to be iron wrap-around.

Well, this XP guru says that I am missing lots of goodies by not digging the really deep high-toned 98’s.  So today at lunch I began to dig those signals in earnest.

Right away, I noticed two problems:

1. If you are hunting an open field and you dig the deep 98’s, the field will be no worse for it. However, if you are a city coin-shooter as I am, hunting the deep 98’s at an old park will crater the heck out of the park. The sheer number of this kind of signal at a very old park means you will be digging a hole every six inches.

2. The second problem is related to the first in that if you are hunting an open field, you are likely looking for relics. I am primarily a coin-shooter; so what’s the problem? The problem is that all the deep 98’s I’ve dug thus far have been little odds and ends such as small bullet casings, small gears, tiny buttons and such. Nary a coin in the hole.

In conclusion, digging the deep 98’s is great when I am in an open field but it is back-breaking labor at an old city park.

By the way, I hunt on Deus Fast with 12KHz and zero iron volume. I will continue to investigate this deep 98 situation and play around with the settings. It is entirely possible the Deus guru didn’t give me all the information he had.


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