Getting to know you

19 Jan

I took my XP Deus out for a spin this afternoon. With the temperature above 60 degrees and the sun shining fully I had to get out.

As it turned out, it was a very productive hunt. For one, I refined my knowledge of the Deus’ language even further. I investigated a number of signals that seemed like iron signals at first glance but on further review, they were just different enough that they warranted being dug. As a result, I dug four deep wheat cents that would have stayed in the ground otherwise.

All four wheats mentioned above were in the eight to nine inch depth range. This is indeed exciting! Plus, I know I have walked past this kind of signal countless times by now. It sure gives me hope for a very good year.

At the end of the hunt, I had ten wheat cents and these:



Thank you for looking!


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