Silver; finally!

17 Feb

I went out today with my Deus metal detector and with the express goal of ending my two week silver slump.

The first target worth mentioning was a  cool Buffalo Nickel with no visible date. I love finding these. I didn’t keep count of them last year but I will this year.


Before I covered the hole, I stuck the pinpointer in to check for additional targets and I got another hit. I was hoping for a silver coin but what I got was pretty cool too.


I feel bad for the little boy who lost both his nickel and his cool pony badge. After I cleaned it, it still had some of the golden gild on it.

After a little while I got a sweet signal mixed with mid tones with a jumpy VDI. I almost didn’t dig it but the sweet part of the signal convinced me to go for it and I am glad I did! Had I kept on walking, I would have missed a 1943 war nickel.

A few minutes later, in a section I’ve hit many, many times before. I got a strong dime signal. Expecting a clad dime, I got a 1961 Rosie instead, only about five inches deep. I sure do love to see that dirty silver disc poking through the dirt!


It’s unusual for silver coins to be this shallow at this park and I sure don’t understand how it is I missed it before.



Not too bad for a 2.5 hour hunt.


Not pictured here are the pulltabs (I was looking for gold as well) and the wine screw caps that sound ever so sweet when they are deep.

Thank you for looking!


2 Responses to “Silver; finally!”

  1. High Plains Prospectors February 20, 2013 at 2:48 pm #

    PullTabMiner, I found your site on Steve’s Sunken Treasure Blog. Cool site….it looks like you are a little ahead of me so far this year with your finds and hunting trips, but I plan on catching up! Good work thus far.

    I have shared a link with Steve’s, Ozark Detectors, and Treasurebone much like you have. I was wondering if you would like to do the same. I started with a Bounty Hunter Quick Draw II just like you. I already linked to your site here: Just trying to build my blog!

    Thanks for your consideration!
    – Josh

    • yaquigrande February 20, 2013 at 2:56 pm #

      Thank you for visiting and thank you for adding my blog to your blog roll. I will do the same for yours.

      Happy Hunting!


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