Back to silver

5 Apr

After work I stopped at my old trashy park to do some hunting. While there, I got a text from my friend Stevouke telling me that today he was going to catch up with me on the silver coin count. He has 11 silver coins for the year with his trusty Ace 250 whilst I had 12. I told him he may well catch up but that I wasn’t gonna make it easy for him.

So after about an hour I came upon a signal you don’t get very often in the old trashy park. This was undeniably a coin and a dime at that. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t expecting a silver but a clad dime. Instead, this beauty came out of the 6 inch deep hole:



This is silver coin number 13 for the year.

Later I found a few more interesting things including a 1919 wheat cent.


I haven’t found a shot shell in a while and the arrow head looking thing appears to be a tip from a fence maybe.

So it was an enjoyable afternoon and I am back to silver after a whole month of not hunting much.

On my way to the car I saw this bit of graffiti. Normally I disapprove of graffiti but this was too clever to pass up.


Here’s to finding more silver in April!


One Response to “Back to silver”

  1. stevessunkentreasures April 6, 2013 at 12:26 am #

    Definitely impressed if you dug these in the location we discussed. Tough hunting! I am guessing you did by the photo. I cant wait until I get a chance to hunt a brick road that is getting torn out. Must be goodies under there…

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