A Thrilling and Exciting Hunt

9 Apr

I returned to the spot where I found the Mercury dime this weekend for my lunch hour hunt. The very first signal was a nice solid high tone with that smooth edge about it. The VDI again indicated a wheat cent. I dug a 7 inch hole and the Garrett pinpointer told me that the target was still under the soil at the bottom of the hole. I dug out one more scoop of dirt  and there I saw the sight that gladdens my heart and just never gets old:


A beautiful 1934 D Mercury dime.


For the remainder of the hunt I pulled 8 wheats, a 1940 Jefferson nickel and an ornate brass button that looks old to me. I wasn’t even gridding! I was just meandering around. Me thinks there is more stuff there.

My hour came and went very fast it seemed, but I have a place to grid for the rest of the week.


I also put the junk in the picture but if you ask me, that’s a decent ratio of junk to keepers. The two zincolns were in one pocket spill.

Thank you for looking!


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