Another One To The Pile

13 Apr

I had some time to hunt early this morning so I headed to my deep silver park to grid the area where I found a Merc and a bunch of wheats. I spent two hours digging holes in a glorious Spring morning.

After two hours however, I had 12 wheats and a dateless buffalo to my name. I decided to move to a different spot in the park but before I left, I dug a really cool pin with words that said “Keek ’em flying”. I wonder if it is a WWII period pin.

Anyway, I went to the new spot and not two minutes into it, I got a text-book signal that screamed silver dime. I hardly ever get these kinds of signals so I dug a hole and somewhere within the first 7 inches of dirt out came a 1964 Roosevelt dime.

1964-dirty 1964


I was tired by then but that dime made my morning.  I finished my hunt by finding a 10K gold (plated) ring.

On my way to the car, I hit a spot where Maurice lit up like a railroad crossing sign. There must have been 20 to 30 signals. Penny signals, dime signals, quarter signals. All very shallow. I dug one up just to see and sure enough, it was a memorial cent. I was just too tired to dig anymore! I left the signals for tomorrow, if I get to hunt at all.



Thank you for looking!

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