A Moment of Clarity – an Analysis

19 Apr

I returned to the park where I found the Standing Liberty quarter yesterday after work. I was supposed to go my Karate class but there was no way I was going to be able to concentrate on anything else until I found and dug up the targets I found on Wednesday with my Deus metal detector.

I hunted for two hours and eventually rediscovered all the signals I found on Wednesday. After those two hours, I had a much deeper understanding of the situation:

First, I have found ALL the coins and cool stuff in one particular area of this park; the West side of the park. Now, normally I hunt with the Iron Audio off. I hardly discriminate iron but on the Deus you can turn the iron audio off so even if the Deus finds iron, you don’t have to hear the grunt. Well with the new setup, I turned the iron audio on to full blast. This point becomes very important to the story in that with the iron audio on full, I was able to discover that the highest concentration of iron is on the West side of the park, particularly in the area immediately West of the play equipment. At this spot, in the past I have found, in addition to the countless square and cut nails, door hinges and other evidence of a structure that stood there in the remote history of the park.

Why is this important? It is important because now it becomes clear as to why I have been finding coins that were obviously missed by the hundreds of hunters who have hunted this park since the 1960’s. Since this spot has the highest concentration of iron, it stands to reason that the highest concentration of masked coins also exits there. I even missed these coins with my other detectors. It is a testament to the Deus’ lighting fast recovery speed, arguably the fastest in the market today, that I am able to unmask all these cool coins, jewelry, and relics. This point was proven -to me anyway, when I moved to the other areas of the park and I found nothing.

So the new setup has much usefulness but only in a situation where a heavy infestation of iron exists, which much to my delight, is also the situation I am likely to encounter at the oldest sites around here. For my other sites, hunting with the Deus setup for depth is still the way to go.

I am now off my high and Stevouke doesn’t  have to hear me go on and on like a 16 year old girl talking about her first date.

Last, the new, unmasked signals I found at the park were mostly clad coins with a couple of brass objects mixed in (a thumb screw and a lipstick case). The new setup cuts my depth by about 2 inches, which I expected. If I can unmask some old coins that no other machine can get, losing those two inches will be worth it.

Thank you for looking!

One Response to “A Moment of Clarity – an Analysis”

  1. Lawdog1 April 19, 2013 at 12:18 pm #

    One time, at band camp……….:)

    Happy for you brother.

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