Friday evening silver

19 Apr

I suddenly had a couple of hours free this evening and I wasted no time on hitting the park. This time I returned to the spot where I found the Walking Liberty the other day.

I had just began swinging when a guy stopped by to chat. He was interested in metal detecting so I directed him to the Wheat State Treasure Hunter’s site and told him about the upcoming meeting on the 5th. In return, he gave me the name of a website with pictures of Wichita in the early days.

After he left, I found a couple of wheats from the 40’s before hitting a signal that was a little bit off but with enough good stuff that I decided to dig it. I am glad I did as I pulled silver coin #22 for the year.



After that, I found some clad and then I got a good signal mixed in with some trash. I thought for a moment I was going to dig a bottle cap as the VDI fluctuated to the quarter range and back to the penny range. However, what I found was a cool coin spill:


That rusted disc, which was the source of the trash signal, is my third ever steel penny. It’s actually in better shape than the last two I found. On this one, if I looked very closely, I could still see the shape of good ol’ Honest Abe.

The other two coins were a wheat and a Canadian George VI penny. It is my first George penny as all the other ones I have found in the past have been Elizabeth at various ages.

April has been a productive month for me in the silver department. I hope I can catch my count up. I need 32 silver coins by the end of April.

Thank you for looking!


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