Sweet Coin Spill

23 May

Maurice (my XP Deus metal detector) and I have done it again at another old park. I began hunting this park a few days ago because it is an old park, it is a trashy park, and it is a mid-sized park. All these things told me there was silver to be had there.

As usual, I took my lunch hour and headed straight to the park. I had found in my previous hunts there a number of early wheats and various and sundry other things. Today I was more determined than ever to find silver. I began at an area that I knew from previous hunts was loaded with pulltabs and was especially loaded with bottle caps. That scenario is a nightmare to hunt but finding keepers in a spot like that is part and parcel for the mighty XP Deus.

Sure enough, after digging a number of deep, flat,and rusted bottle caps, I finally hit upon a sweet tone among the harsher cap tones. The VDI, of course, was nowhere near being accurate. The Deus reported a 98, which is a tell-tale of iron wrap-around.The sweetness of the dim tone could not be denied however so I set upon  the task of digging a hole.

At first, I pulled a 1919 wheat at about 7 inches. I stuck my pinpointer in and got nothing more so I covered the hole but as I always do, I ran the coil over the spot one more time and again I got a deep, dim high tone with no VDI but this signal was just to the side of the now covered hole.  I re-dug the hole and out came this:


I cleaned the dirt off the 1936 D Merc and I took a picture of it with the wheat and sent it to Stevouke as proof that I had pulled silver from this park as I promised I would do.

Once the message was sent, I re-scanned the hole with the Deus and I got a sweet signal on the loose dirt I had pulled. It was another wheat. I scanned again and I got a deep, not so sweet high tone in the hole. I pulled yet another wheat. Both wheats were from the 1920’s. I ran the coil over the hole and I got yet another deep signal to the side of the hole. I widened the hole and I was very happy to see this come out:


If you look closely, you can see the edge of another silver dime showing! After I broke it out of the dirt ball, I had a 1942D Mercury dime. I very carefully re-scanned the hole and pulled a couple of rusted bottle caps but no more coins. No matter; I had a sweet coin spill to post about.


Thank you for looking!


2 Responses to “Sweet Coin Spill”

  1. lawdog1 May 23, 2013 at 7:42 pm #

    That is SWEET!

    • pulltabMiner May 24, 2013 at 8:24 am #

      Thank you man. When are we hunting Neodesha?

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