Dig More Pull Tabs

28 May

I dig a lot of holes. I dig a lot of holes and I am always surprised when I run into the mystery of target masking. If things were really fair, every masked target would be a silver coin, or a gold ring. But alas! trash often masks other trash.

Still, I have found a few masked silver coins in my time and I wonder just how many more masked silver coins I am leaving in the ground.

Masking happens when a piece of metal is above a second piece of metal and your coil sees the target above but not the one below. If the the two pieces of metal are touching, masking does not happen, but rather your detector makes some kind of sense of the two pieces by seeing them as one object. Keep that in mind. Many people who do not know better out there, keep claiming that their detector sees through iron. That is not so. NO DETECTOR SEES THROUGH IRON. Not yet anyway.

But I digress…

Given that most of the trash in city parks consists of bottle caps and pull tabs, we can deduce that the trash doing the most masking are the bottle caps and the pull tabs. Elementary. So now we get to the point:

Dig More Pull Tabs.

I have noticed through digging many holes and examining the items found therein, that the ratio of beaver tail pull tabs to square stay-tabs is like a bazillion to one. Even given the tendency people have to go through the trouble of removing the square stay-tabs from the can, there are not that many square stay-tabs in the ground, relatively speaking. That means that most of the pull tabs masking other targets are of the beaver tail variety.

And they are not making them anymore! (ok, I have seen some modern products with beaver tail tabs, but very few). Sooooooo…when you dig a beaver tail pull tab and remove  it from the park, it will not be replaced by another. Thus we begin to take the masking tiger by the tail.

And here is the thing: if you find a site heavily infested with pull tabs and bottle caps, it only means that site saw heavy human activity in the past (or even sees heavy human activity presently) and that really is what we are looking for isn’t it? I mean rabbits and squirrels don’t drop silver coins or gold rings, people do.

So go forth and mine those tab and cap wonderlands out there. There is treasure to be had!


2 Responses to “Dig More Pull Tabs”

  1. K&M Discovery Team May 28, 2013 at 7:18 pm #

    I don’t disagre with what you are saying, however there is another type of masking that effects us. This menace is known as the “Halo effect or Silent” masking. Silent masking works this way. Bury a good target such as a silver dime, at three to eight inches deep. Use all metal mode and discrimination mode to confirm the signal. Next take a very small staple or lead or a steel buckshot and bury it on top of your dime at about one inch deep.

    This item will mask the dime in discrimination mode and even when moving the item as much as three to four inches from the center of your dime, it will produce masking or cause the dime to read as a pull tab. Next, bury the staple or buck shot to three inches deep and above the dime and something kind of amazing happens. There will be complete silence and even when you change into all metal mode, the signal will only give a chattering sound sot of like ground minerals.

    What is taking place here is called inductive coupling. The eletromagnetic energy from your coil hits the small junk item producing an electromagntic halo around your target. The signal strength is greatly reduced and in all probability will not reach the dime. Even if it does the signal will fail on the return path when it hits the halo again.

    The next question is; Do we dig every signal and silent signal we come accross? I say “Heck Ya” but only if you have two very important things, time and patience to do so. The outcome could result in finding a very nice coin or it may make it easier for the next guy to come along and find what you might have missed while recovering those pesky pull tabs.

    • pulltabMiner May 29, 2013 at 8:25 am #

      Ah Dave! I am always learning something from you. Excellent reply to my post. You should make a post about this on your blog!

      Thanks for the wisdom!

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