Deep Mercury

4 Jun

For lunch today, I went to Riverside park with my XP Deus metal detector to look for my first ever Seated coin. To that effect, I began hunting the deep chirps among the rusted iron.

After digging a number of deep, rusted nails, I got a chirp that repeated really nicely from every direction. I knew I had a coin but I didn’t know what kind yet. After I dug up my customary 7 inch hole, I got a dim hit with the pinpointer, indicating that the target was still in the dirt. I dug up one more inch of dirt and the target was in the scoopful. I located the clump with the coin:



I got very excited because the area I was hunting is nothing but deep iron signals and I thought that surely I had a Seated in my hand! It was not a Seated coin in fact but a 1941 D Mercury dime.



I’ll take it! For now, my first Seated coin is still somewhere in this park.

Thank you for looking!


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