1928 D Mercury dime

5 Jun

For lunch today, my XP Deus metal detector and I returned to the spot where I found the 1941 Merc yesterday.

I decided to concentrate on a relatively small area. After I found a couple of wheat cents, I knew that I had selected the right place. Soon I got a deep signal with no VDI but with a sweet tone. I dug a 7 inch hole and the target was still in the hole but barely under the bottom. One more scoopful brought up the coin ball:


Have I mentioned that I just LOVE seeing that silver edge poking out of the dirt?

After I released the coin from its dirt jail, I saw that it was a 1928 D Merc in bad shape. It it heavily scratched and worn but I’ll take it.



The last target that was not trash, was a Kansas 2 Mil tax token. It was a fun hunt and I hope to take more keepers from there.


Thank you for looking!


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