When it is too hot to hunt…

28 Jun

Ah! The title of this post is a trick title; it is NEVER too hot to hunt! Ha ha ha..HA HA HA!…sob! (maybe I’ve been in the sun too long)

But, if you do prefer to stay indoors when the temps reach ungodly highs, you can  still do research on prospective sites to metal detect. Or, if you are tired of doing research and need something else to look at, may I recommend the following site: Scintillating Silver.

I mentioned this site before in one of my posts but this time I want to really bring it to your attention. The blog is written by a coin collector and the posts are generally about coins. I have read every post in this blog and I have found every one interesting. If you like history, you will really appreciate what this guy writes. The posts are relatively short and the guy’s writing style is very easy.  I enjoy it and I think you will too.

THE GOINGS ON (or is it the Going Ons?)

It’s been beastially hot. The ground is now bone-dry at most city parks. The grass is starting to get crunchy under my foot. We got a tree-toppling storm last night that cooled down the place and dumped some well-needed water. Still, we need more. I have been out there, digging holes in the hot, dry dirt. However, the new Deus’ software, combined with the heat, has prevented me from finding really good stuff.

I am slowly figuring out V3 on the Deus. Today for example, I got the bottle cap busting setting right finally. Somewhere in all the configuring, I lost some depth but I made up for it by creating a 100% open program that goes deeeeep!. Also, the new pinpointing feature of V3 is boss. I figure that I am 70% of the way to world domination. The 11 inch coil is still not out but even if it appears at the end of the month as scheduled, I’ve taken the money I was saving for it and bought silver while the prices are low. Hopefully silver will make a quick and strong comeback and I can increase my coil-buying funds.

I hope I get back on the silver finding train soon. I was already behind because of February and March.

Thank you for looking!


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