I was a teenage silver dime

8 Jul

Stopped by Wichita’s oldest city park at lunch today. I am still struggling a bit with the new version of the Deus’ software although I AM making progress with it.

I am convinced this park holds a seated coin or two and I aim to find them. While looking for them, I got a nice dime signal about 5 inches down and when I dug my plug this came out:


I could tell it was silver right away although that’s about as far as I can go with the identification. I am thankful that part of the edge survived the fire to let me know that it is a dime. I could be wrong but this silver looks particularly old. At any rate, I am counting this sucker in my year total. Yes I am.

Thank you for looking!


One Response to “I was a teenage silver dime”

  1. High Plains Prospectors July 15, 2013 at 10:33 am #

    That is awesome! I was at a GPAA meeting this weekend and had an ole guy tell me about him and his father come across what must have been a satchel of silver coins (quarters, dimes, dollars, etc.) that were melted together. He said there was silver streaming off the hunk as it cooled. He said it looked like a rock because it was covered with dirt and tarnished on the outside. He said he kicked it and a chunk of the coins broke away. He was just the digger and only had a shovel. He didn’t even realize he realize what he kicked and walked on. Then his father came along with his metal detector and hit the lump with his machine and it screamed. They dug it up and he assumes it was sold and melted down. Could you imagine how awesome of a display piece that would have been? Melted coins with rivers of streaming silver cascading from them!

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