Finding the X

30 Aug

X marks the spot, the saying goes. I’ve been hunting a site for over a year now where once a neighborhood thrived. It has been a chore to locate the backyards and front yards, where modern construction has not covered them. Last year, I found a backyard that produced two Indian cents and a Walking Liberty half.  An erstwhile front yard produced a number of wheats.

Today, on a 15 minute hunt during my lunch hour, I think I located another backyard. The site is horribly littered with the remains of the houses that stood there, yet, my Deus is custom built for this kind of situation. I raised my reactivity (recovery speed in Deus parlance) and immediately found a piece of ornate bling from times past:


Then, I found pieces of old brass tags, and pieces of toy cars and such. Last, I got a sweet signal that spoke of old coin. Maurice (my Deus metal detector) didn’t lie. In the hole, I found an 1890 Indian Head cent, my tenth this year. Although it has iron incrustations, the coin shows little wear, leading me to conclude that it was dropped near its mint date.


It is not unusual for me to find early stuff like this along with relics and coins from later years since the neighborhood stood there from Wichita’s early years to the 1970’s, when it was torn down.

I am happy to have a new spot to scrub in search of cool coins and such.

Thank you for looking!


2 Responses to “Finding the X”

  1. Ozarks August 30, 2013 at 4:28 pm #

    Congrats on the goodies, I am sure there’s more to be found!!!

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