Thousands of silver coins redux

30 Nov

Friday morning after Thanksgiving promised to be a beautiful morning. I got out of bed early and decided to spend a couple of hours hunting the oldest park in the city. I got there at 7am and immediately was accosted by a couple of 8 year-old boys and their puppy boxer. They shadowed me for an hour of digging clad and deep trash. Eventually, after a vicious puppy attack on one of the boys and my subsequent rescue of such boy, they left me alone to peace and quiet. I decided to move back to the spot in the park that has produced 7 silver coins. Last time I hunted this particular spot, I dug up some cool relics but no more coins. Still, the spot is choke-full of old iron and I was hoping I had missed something.

Sure enough, not five minutes into hunting there, I got a nice coin signal, not too deep but with a confusing VDI. Still, I hunt by ear so I deemed this signal diggable:



At about 4 inches of depth, I pulled this 1943P war nickel, my 8th silver coin from this relatively small spot. Soon after that I dug up a couple of very shallow wheats from there as well; a 1927 wheat and a 1944 wheat. I just cannot get over how many coins have come from this spot. It reinforces my belief that there are thousands of silver coins left at our city parks, all masked by iron or trash.

By the way, the boys returned to the park, this time tagging along their 2 year old brother who began imitating me by stomping the dirt on the holes I dug and, sometimes stomping on the holes even as I was digging them! LOL! He was very funny in that he got very excited every time I dug up a worm from the ground. I asked one of the boys where they lived and he pointed to a Victorian era house across the street. Next to this house, there is a another equally old house that has been abandoned for a few years now but which we cannot hunt due to the fact that the father of the boys always calls the police on anyone attempting to detect it. I don’t think I go to far in thinking that I may have a way to gain permission to hunt that house. We’ll see.

Thank you for looking!


One Response to “Thousands of silver coins redux”

  1. lawdog1 November 30, 2013 at 11:56 am #

    Small price to pay for babysitting his rug rats an hour or two! Nice nickel! You need to teach me how to dig one of those!

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