Mystery token

27 Dec

Today was beautiful so I went out in search of the last silver coin of 2013. I did not find a silver coin but I found yet another M.K. token. A quick Google search revealed that M.K. (Mein Kempf) tokens were created by the followers of Adolf Hitler while he sat in jail in Germany before he became the supreme German leader. His followers would take public transportation tokens and stamp M.K. on the reverse.

The token I found seems to be a machine made replica of those tokens. I have found nothing on these on the Net but my guess is that the American Nazis of the 30’s created them in homage to their cause in Germany.  Interestingly, as a young man in Wichita, while riding the bus, I overheard an old man tell someone else about the headquarters of the Nazi Party in our fair city.  That was until Pearl Harbor, then the Nazis suddenly disappeared from public life.  The building still stands, albeit abandoned, and for the longest time it was a church. Every time I drive by I want to detect the small sidewalk grass strip. Maybe some day they will tear up the parking lot. Wouldn’t that be an interesting hunt!

As I said, this is the second one I’ve found. This one was about 7 inches down.



The 2 1/2 refers to the value of the original tokens; 2 1/2 pfennig.

Of course, I could be all wrong.


2 Responses to “Mystery token”

  1. John M December 27, 2013 at 10:08 pm #

    A curious find indeed.

  2. lawdog1 December 28, 2013 at 1:17 am #

    I remember the last one you posted. Nice find.

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