13 Jan

Why with the polar vortex and all, I have gotten out only a couple of times since my last post. No silver nor gold but still fun to get out and spend some time communing with the pull tabs.

One of the parks I hunted is well over 100 years old. As with all the other public spaces in the U.S., there is a deep carpet of metal trash covering it. But this doesn’t daunt me in any way because I am rather simple minded. In two hours, I found a number of old pieces of brass and copper. Nothing even recognizable but obviously very old. That was enough for me. Another thing that I like finding is a bottle cap with cork still in it. You may not know this if you were born after 1979 but back in the day, the seal inside bottle caps was made of cork and not the little plastic round sheet that they have now. My simple-mindedness allows me to be entertained by this.

I also play a game I call “Remove-all-the-beaver-tail-pull-tabs-because-once-you-remove-them-they-won’t-be-replaced”. Once in a long while, this game pays off in the form of something made of gold.

The weather has turned so I look forward to resuming my lunch time hunts.

Wish me luck!


One Response to “Simple-minded”

  1. lawdog1 January 13, 2014 at 11:00 am #


    But, wasn’t it you that told me you don’t need luck when you have skill? Or…maybe it was you don’t need luck when you swing a Deus. I can’t remember anything anymore!

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