7 Apr

I read my friend’s post on his blog Stevessunkentreasures and it reminded me of the importance of balance. I too have a busy Spring to tend to.

I discovered the immense pleasure of taking my son to his first baseball practice. Heck, I even volunteered when coach asked for volunteers. To say it was fulfilling is an understatement. So now, Saturday mornings will be dedicated to this newly found joy, which means no detecting on Saturday mornings for at least a little while. Balance.

I have been teaching a Spanish class at a local church. No charge and open to the public. These people impressed me with their deep desire to help, which includes trips to Spanish-speaking countries to do actual, hands-on work. So I dedicate two hours a week in the afternoons to teaching them how to speak Spanish. That’s two hours I don’t detect. Balance.

Wednesday it’s given to meeting with friends to chit chat and eat dinner and for my sons to get more play time with friends and for one of them to practice with the church’s bell choir. Balance.

Lunch time is now dedicated to continue with my health-care routine. Ok, so I simply walk for 45 minutes but that means no more hunting at lunch time. Balance.

Now, with just that, I am assured to stay busy the rest of the time. In addition, I need to find some time here and there for my other passions; playing the uke, practicing my foreign languages, and by golly, I gotta grow some vegetables this year!

All this has caused me to actually treasure my time out there running the coil over dirt and grass. I attended the Wheat State Treasure Hunters meeting yesterday and I had a blast. It was great to chat with James and Vince and to talk to all the new members. Then we actually got to hunt a little. I could only hunt for 15 minutes but in that time I found some early 60’s memorials in an area of the park Vince had researched and kindly pointed out to me. Thanks Vince, I think there’s silver there!

So my beloved hobby has taken a backseat to other endeavors. It’s Ok. I am still saving to buy that Russian detector that can hit a quarter at four feet. My friend lawdog1 says that I’ll probably knock off T.V. reception for a square mile with it. LOL! And later in the Summer, when the boys are off school, I will regain the early morning hours to do some hard-core hunting before I go to work.

It’s all good. Balance is a good thing.

Thank you for stopping by!


One Response to “Balance”

  1. lawdog1 April 7, 2014 at 4:00 pm #

    Balance indeed! A mans got to know his limitations!

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