I’m not dead yet!

23 Jun

I can’t believe it’s been so long since my last post!

I am back in the game though. I’ve managed three hunts in as many days. For my return to my beloved hobby, me and Maurice are looking for gold.

Now, I’ve heard tales and I’ve heard fables about people who can tell gold by the type of signal they get. Not to call anyone a liar but I am highly skeptical of this. I remember ONCE, with the AT Pro, getting a nickel signal that was silky and full and all kinds of groovy and finding a pendant in the hole when I dug the signal. That was it however. Not before and not since have I gotten a signal like that on a mid tone. Even the gold rings I have found sounded like a plain old mid tone signal.

So, this means I am digging every signal between high foil and pull tab. It’s unforgiving work let me tell you. So far, I estimate a total of 180 pull tabs, and about half that number in aluminum foil. Out of all that I have found a Wichita Transportation token from the 60’s and a pretty metal button. Brutal.

Oh, and I am digging every bottle cap as well. I have dug about 100 bottle caps so far in these three hunts. The reason for digging the bottle caps is that when I look for gold, I don’t meander around but rather, I pick a spot and work every signal there. It keeps me from losing my mind because as I am looking for gold, I am also cleaning a spot for future deep-signal hunting. To this end, I am selective about the spots I choose.
A) They have to be target rich. That tells me that there was heavy human activity in the past.
B) They have to be spots that are no longer popular, thus ensuring all targets are old-ish.

Hunts like these make me wish I had started metal detecting in my 20’s. Right now, I can do this non-stop for about three hours. After that, my attention wanes and all I want is a sandwich and a drink. Once I stop, I am useless as my body stiffens and all I am good for is sitting and watching tv.

I intend to keep on going until I score a ring, or a chain or some other gold item. Stay tuned for updates.

Thank you for stopping by!



One Response to “I’m not dead yet!”

  1. lawdog1 June 23, 2014 at 7:12 pm #

    I’m certainly glad to hear you’re not dead! I predict gold in your future!

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