Brutal Honesty

7 Nov

I decided to hunt during my lunch hour today. It was definitely a metal-detecting kind of day; cool enough to keep me from sweating but warm so as to not need a jacket. I found a spot at my go-to silver park that suddenly began to produce wheats, and I started the process of mining the spot. To that effect, I decided to take the Mighty Compadre out for a spin.

As expected, I began to dig pull tabs. I cannot say enough good things about the Compadre. I was digging pull tabs from the bottom of 7 inch deep holes; with a 5.25″ coil. Really. The Compadre discriminates iron like a boss. When I said give me nickels and pull tabs and everything else above that, the Compadre delivered as required. The only bottle caps I dug at lunch, were in the holes with the pull tabs.

And there is something else about the Compadre; its brutal honesty –beep; there is something there; dig it, is very refreshing. Not having to deal with a major influx of information takes me to the essence of metal detecting. Hunting with the Compadre today was downright primordial.

And so in a short time I had a pocketful of pull tabs, a couple of rusted bottle caps and a number of interesting odds and ends that I would have never dug up with Maurice (my XP Deus metal detector) because I would have second guessed myself given all the information the Deus gives me.

So, if you have $160 in your pocket, run don’t walk, to your nearest dealer and get yourself one of these detecting wonders. Oh and by the way, all Tesoro detectors come with a life-time warranty. Yep, I doubt there is anything else in the world with a life-time warranty anymore.

Thank you for stopping by!


One Response to “Brutal Honesty”

  1. lawdog1 November 7, 2014 at 6:37 pm #

    Nice story about the simplicity of a great hobby. Don’t sell yourself short in the lifetime warranty category. Your friendship must have a lifetime warranty, as you haven’t written me off yet! 🙂

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