Getting back into it

15 Nov

I have detected more lately and I am beginning to get the old feeling back. I have hunted my deep silver park multiple times recently. I continue to clean up an area with both the Compadre and my XP Deus metal detector and now the coins are starting to show up. Masking is a real problem and it is a problem that us Johnny-come-latelies have to contend with. So removing as many pull tabs, bottle caps, and foil seemed like a good idea to me.

I continue to be shocked at how many wheats there are in this park. I have been digging wheats out of this park for nearly three years now. I counted my wheats a while ago and I was near 1000 of them then. I am thinking about 80% of them came out of my deep silver park. There were many many hunts at this park where I came home with better than a dozen wheats at a time. Just when I start thinking I got them all, more show up. And there is still plenty of silver as well, although heavily masked and often deeper than my detectors can go. Still, I manage to pull a silver out of there now and again. I pulled this baby from the bottom of a 9 inch deep hole Friday at lunch. It looked so pretty in the dirt but I didn’t have my phone with me so I had to wait until I got to the office to take a picture.

It is only my fourth Stander ever and the second one from this park. I know there are many more waiting for me to liberate them from their confinement in the dirt.

Today I managed to hunt for an hour or so in the same area I’ve been cleaning. I found no silver but I did pull three late wheats and a vintage child’s copper ring.

Also, I had a bit of a situation with a city employee while I was detecting the park but I stood firm and all ended well. I am surprised at how many people have a problem with my beloved hobby. If they only knew the joy it brings, they would see things differently. This encounter was easy as the guy was very nice and very professional. I know it won’t always be that way but I will strive to always maintain my composure. I believe that to be the best way to deal with that kind of thing.

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One Response to “Getting back into it”

  1. Dick Stout November 17, 2014 at 7:05 pm #

    Nice finds. Sounds like that park that you will need to deal with the “whispers”…. I had a park like that back in NJ and I hunted it for years. It just kept on giving IF I took my time.

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