First silver of 2015 and a remarkable hunt

18 Jan

The weather finally turned enough to dust off Maurice, my XP Deus metal detector, and head to my favorite deep silver park.

At the very end of 2014 I added depth to my hunts by increasing the sensitivity and lowering the speed. Also, I learned about a phenomenon that probably kept from finding some deep old coins in the past. With those two things in mind, I returned to a spot that I cleaned in preparation for the Blisstool v6 later this Spring (fingers crossed). I was thinking I would dig some old iron as I was sure that I had done a fairly good job cleaning all signals. Boy was I wrong!

First I found a bunch of pull tabs, beaver tails, and tiny foil. I was somewhat shocked. Upping the sensitivity got me a bunch of those super small pieces of aluminum. Eventually I hit a nice repeatable deeeeep signal. At past 10 inches deep I found what looks to be a brass accent for a purse or something. It says Russell Co. in old english gothic font. Then I got a fairly loud signal that according to the target I.D was a coin. Instead I found a square electrical doo hickie that says Delco REMY on it. I was shocked that I missed this before. Some clad followed. Crazy! Then I hit a 1945 wheat. Really?? It was the next target that floored me. A 1944 D war nickel. By then I had dug almost 20 targets between trash and the non-ferrous stuff. The spot was supposed to be clean!! But I wasn’t done yet; next I found a transportation token from the 60’s. The last target I dug was a 1940 wheat.

Was I hunting on deaf mode before?! I swear the spot was clean! I thought I had dug all obvious targets. I am still reeling from this hunt.


Well I can’t wait to go back to this spot. I will have to re-grid it now.

Thank you for stopping by!


3 Responses to “First silver of 2015 and a remarkable hunt”

  1. lawdog1 January 19, 2015 at 7:22 am #

    A handful of cool relics and your first silver of the year! Nice! You know from experience that changing settings reveals new goodies and a spot is never truly cleaned out, even with “The Beast”. What about the cliff hanger? Is this phenomenon you discovered specific to you or can you share? Talked to SteveO the other night and glad you’re doing good. Dig on…..

    • pulltabMiner January 19, 2015 at 7:41 am #

      Good to hear from you man! I don’t know if this thing affects only the Deus or not but basically, if you get a very deep signal, the kind that is barely a high tone squeak, and then you dig it but find nothing and then when you sweep your detector over the hole the signal has disappeared, then keep digging another 2 to 3 inches. You will find that your target is that much deeper. For some reason, the Deus loses the signal if there is air between the super deep target and the coil. I have now found non-ferrous targets at 12 inches and sometimes 13 inches by knowing this. I have had this happen so many times and I gave up once I dug 9 inches or so and I had lost the signal. I left soooo many targets in the ground because of this. Of course, you will dig plenty of very deep iron as well as your detector will not able to discriminate at those depths.

  2. stevessunkentreasures January 19, 2015 at 10:24 am #

    Well Ried and I went out for a bit Saturday and the site has been worked pretty well by us. We found some stuff we thought we would have heard previous. My thought was a freeze/thaw cycle may have shifted stuff. We also did some testing on his new coil as well with some pretty interesting results.

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