Lightning strikes twice

13 Feb

Yesterday, at lunch time, I returned to the spot where I found the Buff and the Merc. I found this spot last year while looking for prospective areas to detect with my XP Deus metal detector. The spot in the park has been worked and reworked through the years. Structures were there and then torn down to be replaced with new structures. Last year, while I stood there taking in the lay of the land, I realized that I was looking at perhaps the only spot of original dirt left in that area. That time I found a Mercury dime but I never went back because of the horrific amount of can slaw present.

Every year however, my tolerance for digging trash increases and so I decided to go back and try again. Like I said, Wednesday I found a Buffalo nickel and a Mercury dime and yesterday I managed to pull yet another Mercury dime and a wheat. I will go back today at lunch and see if I can get lucky again.



Finding these coins at this old, over-hunted park should tell you that there are still thousands upon thousands of silver coins in our parks. You just gotta put in the work.

Thank you for stopping by!


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