Looking for Mr. Donner

11 May

The State Archaeologist, Dr. Hoard, invited us to participate in a survey of a known camp site for the Donner party as they traveled West into American history.

The countryside was beautiful and the company was fun.  Everyone involved in this project seemed genuinely passionate about the history of Kansas. Steve and I were happy to participate and pitch in. We surveyed the area until thunder and lightning caused Dr. Hoard to call it a day. It was near 5 pm and I was busted!

Steve won Find of the Day with a beautiful 1867 Shield Nickel in great shape. The find was properly documented and cataloged and taken to the lab to add to the other finds in order to paint a picture of whatever events may have occurred at the site back in the early days of the camp. I found a period bullet of small caliber and a traveler’s trunk latch.

Although the finds were scant, I would not hesitate a second to do it all over again.

For an excellent detailed account of the day, please visit Steve’s detecting blog: https://stevensunkentreasures.wordpress.com/

Picture of Mr. Donner and his wife

Mr. Donner and his lovely bride.

Steve and I representing. Dr. Hoard visibly impressed with our mad skills.

Steve and I representing. Dr. Hoard visibly impressed with our mad skills.

The above photograph was taken by professional photographer Tom Parker. Please visit Dispatches From Kansas to see his excellent work.

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  1. steveouke May 11, 2015 at 3:38 pm #

    I think the photo adds 10lbs at least.. Just saying. Maybe this is why everyone wears a vest. My next blog post will be “Vests- The secret to hiding my man boobs”

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