Rain, rain, rain

29 May

Let me add yet another blog post about the rain to the already saturated (he he he…) metal detecting blogosphere.

Yes, I am going to blame the lack of metal detecting on the rain even though the real reason I am not metal detecting is the lack of time.

I have seen rainier Springs around here but not for a while. The ground is so wet in places that it feels as if you are walking on wet sponges. I can’t imagine what a muddy mess it would be to try to dig a hole around here.

So, I am dedicating my time to other pursuits while this deluge abates. Those who know me may or may not be aware that I am teaching myself Japanese. Interesting language I tell you, as different from English as a Garrett detector is from a frog. Yet, after all this time of learning the script (the Japanese use 4 different scripts, including our alphabet which they call ‘romaji’), learning the grammar, and trying to make sense of the cultural aspects of it, I have done very little speaking. So, I finally gave in and paid for a conversation partner online. Nowadays, via the miracle of Skype, you can find a person anywhere in the world to speak with you in their native language for a nominal fee. We live in wondrous times. I’ll just say this one more thing, learning a language and actually using it are two entirely different things, as different as a Garrett detector is…

In case you were wondering, here’s how you say ‘metal detector’ in Japanese: 金属探知機 – kinzoku tan chiki. Literally, ‘metal detection machine’.

Also, I began teaching Spanish two years ago and recently, a volunteer Sheriff officer asked that I teach him Spanish to make his patrolling more effective. The guy is already speaking (from zero to conversational) in less than 3 months. This is due to the fact that we meet every lunch hour for lessons. We manage to meet 3 or so times a week so really, he went from zero to conversational, literally, in a manner of hours. I would calculate that we have spent 40 hours learning. I say this to dispel the toxic notion that it takes years to learn a language. If you have a good teacher (humbly, I vow my head), a good method, and a real desire to learn, you will learn a language in a few months. By the way, the method I use was developed by a Jewish Pole during WWII. Not only did he develop this method but was a real pain in the ass to the Germans as a member of the French Resistance.

To top it all off, my boys are now doing baseball and golf respectively and when not doing those things, we like to go to the Y and do some weight lifting or go walk around the Arkansas river just goofing off.

So that’s the account of my time not spent metal detecting. I am still gonna blame the rain though.

Thank you for stopping by.

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