The Bulgarian

15 Apr

An opportunity arose for me to acquire a Blistool metal detector for a pittance and I took it.

I have already named it: Dragomir.  A fine Bulgarian name if I say so.

Dragomir is only v3 but it was so inexpensive I had to buy it. If it proves worthy I hope it pays for a v6 or newer.

There is some evidence out there that Dragomir may be able to sniff out a silver dime at 12 inches in the ground. No air-testing foolishness here. We shall see.

Blisstools are not for the weak of heart. Dragomir has more knobs than a space shuttle. A bunch of these knobs and toggles work in conjunction so if you mess with one, you have to know how it affects the others. This may explain why there are so few posts and videos of people finding anything with these metal detectors.

There is no screen and it has only one tone. No depth indicator either. Dragomir is like the Compadre on whatever it is that makes the Hulk and Captain America into bad-asses.

I don’t have Dragomir yet. As or right now, it is being lovingly packaged to make the trip to me. Then I will coax the latent super powers out of it. We will be an unstoppable combination.

Dragomir will not replace Maurice. No, not at all. Dragomir will simply join the team of The Awesomers.

Stay tuned.


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