Dragomir’s Maiden Voyage

19 Apr

I paid for the Blisstool on Friday and I got it on Monday. That’s the level of service I’ve come to expect from Chuck at Indian Nations Detectors.

So I read up a little on the Blisstool and set it up as recommended in several forums. At lunch time today I took it to a spot that I have cleaned up of almost all signals. The first thing I noticed is that the volume goes from 0 to 100 really fast. It nearly busted my eardrums!

The second thing that I decided is to get wireless headphones as soon as possible. After several years of wireless hunting with the Deus, being tied to the machine was a strange experience.

The Blisstool is well balanced with the 11 inch coil. I didn’t try the 15 inch coil today but I hope to do so this weekend.

Hunting with the Blisstool is not as odd as you would think. If you have ever hunted with the Tesoro Compadre or the Tesoro silver micromax then you know what it feels like to hunt with the Blisstool.
I was surprised to find that there is nuance to the sound. Not all targets sounded the same it seemed to me. The machine pinpoints well.

As I set it up, I began to dig iron right away. I messed around with the discrimination and I got some iron to break up but a number of nails and pieces of wire sounded really well. I know with time and experience I will master this so I am not worried.

If you know me, then you know what I was really interested on was depth. The deepest thing I dug with a good solid signal was a super small piece of aluminum foil at about 6 inches deep. 6 inches was very deep relative to the minuscule size of the piece of foil.

The Bliss is very sensitive, giving me nice solid and repeatable signals on the thinnest of wire. Soon my lunch hour was over and I put the machine away and returned to work.

I have a sense that this machine will produce. I also have the sense that it won’t take me long to figure it out.

I have a number of spots around the city parks that I have cleaned extensively during the past two years so I have places to learn the Bliss.

Thank you for stopping by.




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