22 Apr

After only a few days with the Bliss I can tell you this detector is the real thing. I have been waiting for a detector that could hit a target in the post-12 inch range with a clear tone. Last night I spent an hour or so at one of our oldest parks. Two targets were too deep to be retrieved. It is possible I was detecting pipes, really. Normally, when I get a ‘hole to nowhere’ I suspect that I missed the pinpoint but no so with the Bliss. The targets were still giving a nice bright repeatable hit in the middle of the 2 foot+ I had dug. I stopped at that depth because my arm is not long enough to go deeper than that.

Then there were the other targets; a piece of lead the size of a dime at about 14 inches and, incredibly, a small copper earring at the bottom of a 16 inch or so deep hole. Sure, you could argue that the targets fell from the side but I am satisfied that they didn’t. After about 30 holes dug with the Bliss I finally got one last night where the target read deep but was only about 6 inches deep; and who knows, maybe the real target went undug.

And so this leaves me wondering: How am I reaching those depths with an 11 inch coil? Is the Bliss putting out so much power that, like my friend lawdog1 says, it may be knocking out tv reception around the park? Of course, the thing missing is discrimination at those depths. Again, I believe that the discrimination stops around the 7-8 inch depth, meaning that after 8 inches the detector can only tell you that there is something down there. This is the case with any and all detectors out there (with the possible exception of the AKA Russian detectors) Still, my beloved Deus cannot consistently find me targets at 14 and 16 inches deep.

The other mystery to me is why this detector has not taken off like wildfire. I suspect it is because the many knobs intimidate people. This is of course silly given that the Whites V3i is a marvel of sophisticated technology that probably has a screen I never found that gave the weather forecast. I often bemoan the fact that I never reached the potential of that detector. Big Bertha, I didn’t deserve you.

Be that as it may, the Bliss is the machine I have been waiting for to collect all those deep coins and jewelry laying at depths unreachable by most detectors today. I haven’t yet let the Bliss loose on my deep silver park. I get all warm and fuzzy at the very thought.

I promise you that from this post on, I will document the finds. I bought the Bliss used and I can see some issues with some of the potentiometers. Alas, the warranty is gone. I suspect however that the Bliss will pay for a new one towards the end of the year. And the version 6 of this machine (I own version 3) is deeper and better.

Oh my!

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