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Cold, cold hunt

11 Dec

December 10th hunt in Pratt, Kansas with Patton and Redd from the Friendly Metal Detecting Forum

Thank you for looking!

My first sidewalk tearout

22 Sep

A fellow hunter called me while I was detecting in a town about 40 miles from Wichita.  He told me he was going to hunt a new sidewalk tearout in downtown Wichita. I rushed back home and made it just as he was starting. I only hunted for about an hour with him but I managed to pull my third Indian Head penny for the year. I never thought I’d find ONE IH in Wichita let alone three!  The new addition to my IH collection is a badly corroded 1901 Indian Head. You can hardly see lady Liberty on the obverse. I can see 01 on the date and since there were no IH pennies in 1801, I can safely assume that the date is 1901.

1901 Indian Head penny

Under the sidewalk for over 40 years

1901 Indian Head penny - reverse

The reverse is in slightly better shape

Hunting this tearout with a fellow hunter who is also an Police Officer has given me the courage to hunt other tearouts. This past Summer, I was too afraid to hunt a street tearout in one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city. I can only imagine the goodies I missed.
Also, a little comment on the quality of my pictures. I have misplaced my tripod so I haven’t set up a good photo lab for my coins. Most of the pictures you see in this blog, have been taken with my cell phone.

Thank you for looking.

Hunting in Peabody, Kansas

18 Sep

I met up with several members of the Friendly Metal Detecting Forum (FMDF) today in Peabody, Kansas.

Silversmith45 and I rode there together. We left at 6 am and by the time we were on the road, it was raining. When we got to Peabody, we went into a local restaurant to wait out the rain and there we met KansasDave, Redd, MrPhoto and the new guy. (UPDATE: he is Patton in the FMDF)

After the rain we headed to our intended hunting site and we hunted there for several hours. KansasDave found the only silver there, a Roosevelt dime. We had a great time. MrPhoto is a very funny guy and he got me early at the restaurant by telling me he found a silver dollar at a local park that we hunt. The new guy seems like a nice guy.

I found some clad coins at site number one. After a while, we moved on to site number two which was an empty lot where old houses once stood and later, mobile homes. We all found clad there and MrPhoto found a really cool token for a laxative from the 30’s.  By around noon, we decided to move on to the city’s main park where the county fair was held for a few years. The park dates from the late 1800’s.

For the first couple of hours, I found nothing but pull tabs and bottle caps. Eventually, I moved toward the entrance of the park and that’s where I found my two wheat cents; a 1919 D, and a 1920 D.

By then, KansasDave had already found his very cool Seated Liberty dime and his very cool Indian Head penny. Redd found a dateless Buffalo nickel. The rest of us made do with clad. I of course, found my two wheat cents. By the time I found the wheat cents and was ready to find me some silver, we decided to call it a day. It was almost 5pm.

All in all, I had a very good time. It is good to hunt with others once in a while. We agreed that we would do it again. Meanwhile, Silversmith45 and I are planning a little trip to Winfield, Kansas, where the Bluegrass Festival is now wrapping up. There should be lots of clad and hopefully some jewelry there. Also, a local hunter there told me that the site of the festival also holds coins from the mid to late 1800’s. It should be fun.

1919 D wheat cent

1919 D

1920 D wheat cent

1920 D