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Trash talk and a Merc

29 Apr

I went to a small park for lunch to swing the Deus over dirt from 1920. This is another stamp-size park in my beloved city that has been hunted heavily. In fact, while I was hunting, an old timer came by to chit chat about the good old days. He told me that the park was hit hard back in the day and that the easy silver was long gone by the 1970’s. I was about to tell him that Maurice and I specialize on finding hard silver when he acknowledged that top of the line tech would make a difference on reviving a dead park. My hat was off to the old White’s guy for his keen observation.

Anyway, back to the subject. The situation at this park, at least in the spot where I was digging, was dismal. There was what appeared to be black top detritus, thick and deep under the grass. Lots of coke and I don’t mean the drink. It was almost as if there was a railway there at one time.  Coke, in case you don’t know, is some kind of coal that has been processed and it sets off a metal detector. It was used as fuel in the olden days. So Maurice was chirping like a deranged robot. All the signals I got were wrap-around; that is, high tones with 97-98 VDIs. Lots of iron grunts as well. Not pretty.

But like I said, Maurice and I specialize in hunting this kind of dirt and soon we had a winner:


A 1939 D Mercury dime at about 4-5 inches. Even at this shallow depth, the Deus reported it as a 97-98 with a high tone in between all the noise.

At the end, this was my hunt:


When I took this picture, I didn’t know that the small hair clip was silver. It is heavily tarnished but it is marked Sterling on the back with a Jeweler’s mark of a capital letter B inside a circle and a patent number. So make that two silver items out of the coke and iron infested spot. You go Maurice!

***The hair clip –tie clip? Has the words PAT. followed by what appears to be a date : x-7-15 (no patent numbers here or the UK are formatted this way). I cannot see the first number clearly because of a small rusted iron encrustation that is obscuring part of it but it looks to be a 7. Careful research in the U.S. patent website reveals that no patents were applied for nor given on 7-7-1915. It’s an old silver clip either way***



My friend lawdog1 from the Friendly Metal Detecting Forum, invited me to hunt this park last year. I smugly scoffed at the suggestion because I had hunted this park with my other detectors and had found nothing. Well, my friend, here’s me eating humble pie. There is silver in them thar grassy areas!

Thank you for looking!

Another One To The Pile

13 Apr

I had some time to hunt early this morning so I headed to my deep silver park to grid the area where I found a Merc and a bunch of wheats. I spent two hours digging holes in a glorious Spring morning.

After two hours however, I had 12 wheats and a dateless buffalo to my name. I decided to move to a different spot in the park but before I left, I dug a really cool pin with words that said “Keek ’em flying”. I wonder if it is a WWII period pin.

Anyway, I went to the new spot and not two minutes into it, I got a text-book signal that screamed silver dime. I hardly ever get these kinds of signals so I dug a hole and somewhere within the first 7 inches of dirt out came a 1964 Roosevelt dime.

1964-dirty 1964


I was tired by then but that dime made my morning.  I finished my hunt by finding a 10K gold (plated) ring.

On my way to the car, I hit a spot where Maurice lit up like a railroad crossing sign. There must have been 20 to 30 signals. Penny signals, dime signals, quarter signals. All very shallow. I dug one up just to see and sure enough, it was a memorial cent. I was just too tired to dig anymore! I left the signals for tomorrow, if I get to hunt at all.



Thank you for looking!

Another Buffalo and a ring

31 Mar

March was a bad month for me as far as metal detecting goes. I hardly got out to hunt at all.

On this last day of March I managed to get out to the park for a couple of hours of quality time with Maurice.

After digging a number of small pieces of old brass I got a signal that was reading like a wheat or an Indian Head but instead was a dateless Buffalo nickel. Actually there is a date but it is hardly visible. It looks like a 1929 but I could be wrong. On my way back to the car, I got another signal I thought would be a wheat or an Indian but it turned out to be a small silver ring.




So I ended the month with a cool coin and some silver. Here’s hoping that I can hunt more in April!

Thank you for looking.


A small silver ring

24 Jan

Sometimes, no matter how hard I try, the only silver comes in the form of a ring. This one read like a half-dollar on my XP Deus metall detector. It is very heavy so I suppose that’s the reason for the high reading.




The stamp reads MEX 925

Thank you for looking!


Getting to know you

19 Jan

I took my XP Deus out for a spin this afternoon. With the temperature above 60 degrees and the sun shining fully I had to get out.

As it turned out, it was a very productive hunt. For one, I refined my knowledge of the Deus’ language even further. I investigated a number of signals that seemed like iron signals at first glance but on further review, they were just different enough that they warranted being dug. As a result, I dug four deep wheat cents that would have stayed in the ground otherwise.

All four wheats mentioned above were in the eight to nine inch depth range. This is indeed exciting! Plus, I know I have walked past this kind of signal countless times by now. It sure gives me hope for a very good year.

At the end of the hunt, I had ten wheat cents and these:



Thank you for looking!

Where the Buffalo Roam

11 Jan

And the Girl Scouts dropped their bling.

I stopped at my usual after-work spot to give Maurice a quick workout. After digging a number of deep pulltabs and can slaw, my Deus metal detector gave me a wheat/indian head signal. I dug a 5 inch deep hole and I pulled something that made me see dollar signs:


The bracelet is bling but it sure looked like gold when I pulled it out of the hole! Still, I usually find Girl Scout Brownie pins around the site. This is the first piece of GS paraphernalia that is different. It is in very good shape except for the bent band. I need to learn how to fix this kind of damage. Maybe I will invest on a jewelry repair kit this year.

After a little while I got a nickel signal. I dug the hole expecting yet another piece of can but I what I got instead was this beatiful Buffalo nickel in near pristine condition. This nickel was dropped in 1937!



This is my first Buff of the year and about the 5th or 6th from this spot. And I didn’t scratch it! (did I mention that I love my shovel?).

Alas, my 30 minutes went so quickly! It was soon time to continue on home. Before I left though, I paused for a moment to enjoy the dying day. It occurred to me that if I went to bar after work like so many people, I would have missed this breathtaking sky painting.


I capped this perfect evening with a 1/2 p0und hot dog at a neighborhood restaurant with my boys and the rest of the family.

Thank you for looking!

Evening gold

9 Jan

The second gold of the year comes in the form of microgold. I stopped at Riverside park on my way home to release a little stress with Maurice. I was swinging along when I got a deep buzz. Usually, a deep buzz turns out to be non-iron, non-trash. Maurice said the target was somewhere in the eight to nine inch depth range so using my new shovel (he he he, I love my shovel) I dug a nine inch hole with an intact plug.

When I put the pinpointer in the hole all I got was silence. I then scanned the plug with the pinpointer and somewhere around the five inch mark I found this:


I couldn’t see any obvious corrosion at the park but then again it was getting dark and the piece was dirty. When I got home I cleaned it and looked for markings but found none. I also found no corrosion. The acid test revealed it to be 10K gold.

I am nothing but impressed with the Deus. It picked this up even though I don’t swing slow with the Deus because of the detector’s legendary recovery speed. And even though the signal was a buzz (not a grunt), the buzz was consistent and repeatable.

I also found three buttons during this hunt, one possibly very old but not in very good shape.

Thank you for looking!

First silver of 2013…

3 Jan

…happens to be the first ring of 2013 as well. I took my XP Deus metal detector to a new park built on the site of an old home. The park is postage stamp sized with a playground area in the middle. Three things made me go there:

1) There was an old house there visible in old maps.

2) The park is in an area of town no one else wants to hunt.

3) There are a couple of very old trees in this park and the dirt around them may lay yet undisturbed.

In fact, it was under one of these old trees that I found my first silver ring of the year at 6 inches deep. The signal was a messy one with a short, sweet audio component a midst some ugly tones . Now,in previous posts, I’ve mentioned these kinds of signals and how I am beginning to really pay attention to them.  I decided to dig it even though the VDI jumped all over the place. I was using my primary hunting program on the Deus: Deus Fast with a frequency of 12KHz (changed from 18KHz).



The ring is of the One Size Fits All variety and it looks to be old. It obviously got lost when the house was still standing and inhabited. The markings inside include a jeweler’s mark of JJJ but a cursory search on the Internet yielded no information on the mark.


Now, the question every newbie asks when they find a silver ring with a mounted stone is: Is it a real diamond? The answer is that no sane person would put a real diamond on a silver ring unless we are talking diamond chips.  Still, the Cubic Zirconia on this ring is pretty.

So I now have 28 days left on this month to find 8 or 9 silver coins to stay on pace to make the goal for this year.

Thank you for looking!

Auspicious Beginnings

1 Jan

I woke up this morning with plans to explore a site that may hold some good stuff. It was snowing and the temperature was hovering around 24 degrees. No matter; I put on my long johns, grabbed my Deus metal detector and headed out into the white. With no wind, it was actually kind of pleasant outside.

After about two hours of exploring and finding $1.55 in clad and two wheats, I moved on to a large and open grassy area where, according to my research, nothing has ever been built. I began detecting and within minutes I got a nickel signal. I dug the hole and at about five inches deep I got the first gold of 2013:


It is a small medallion with the letter S on it. I could tell I had gold right away as there was no sign of corrosion anywhere. In addition, the high yellow color told me this was a high carat gold piece.

I decided this was a good time to stop and headed home. Once home I cleaned the medallion and looked for the carat mark:


Sure enough, the piece is 18K gold. I have found my share of gold since I began doing this a year and a half ago but this is my first 18K gold.


So I begin 2013 with a good find. The medallion weighs 2 grams. That’s a bit over $50 U.S. Not much value money-wise but but I’ll consider it a good sign of things to come.

Thank you for looking!

I Believe I Can Fly!

28 Dec

Once again, the plans of Deus and Man went awry. I had decided to take my XP Deus metal detector to a hunt with Stevouke for lunch but I had to take my lunch earlier than I had planned. I went to a lot where a house stood recently. Somebody had beaten me to it. There were fresh holes and a number of dug items left on site. I still pulled 4 memorials and a clad dime that they missed.

Since I had 45 minutes left, I drove to a school and 20 minutes into the hunt, I got a signal very much like the one I got yesterday when I found the Walking Liberty half. The VDI was high but the audio was sweet. So I dug it with the hopes of scoring another half. What I got instead is about as sweet:



These are my first silver wings. Other hunters in the area have found silver wings and now it was my turn. They are large and heavy. I did nick them a little bit but for the most part they are in good shape.  I couldn’t get a good picture of the markings but it says Sterling on the back. Not that I needed to see the marking to know I had silver!

This is the 5th piece of silver I have recovered since I learned how to interpret this one particular signal on the Deus. I began studying this signal when me and lawdog1 from the Friendly Metal Detecting Forum went hunting together. He had asked me to check a signal with my Deus and I dismissed the signal as iron. The target turned out to be a wheat cent and I turned out to be a dunce.

Since that day however, I started to listen more closely to this particular signal. It is a composite signal with a sweet element to it. What I’ve done is to learn to isolate the sweet element and investigate further regardless of the VDI I get.

In the case of the wings, an additional note is that they were standing upright and so I was hitting only the tip of one of the wings. I wished I had taken a picture of them in the hole but in the excitement, I didn’t think of it.

And there you have it. I sure hope this streaks holds until at least tomorrow when I hunt an old church site with Steveouke.

Thank you for looking!